You know you read too many serving blogs when……..

…. you dream you’re a waitress, and you’ve never been one. Last night I dreamt that Starbucks’ had opened an after-hours café-diner, and I was serving up food to some Starbucks’ regulars. One of my favorite customers was downright mean to me. How’s that for neuroticism?



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Lame Post

Nothing noteworthy happened at work today, so I’ll leave you guys with another Foamy the Squirrel video. Lame — I know, but I really don’t have anything to complain about today.

EDIT: I’ve been quoting this a lot lately at work. Black coffee, you say? Here you go, black coffee — ‘with darkness’!


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Starbuckian: “Star-schmucks'” Lingo

One thing that really drives me up the wall is a customer who makes a big deal about the names of our cup sizes. Honestly, I don’t care what you call them. Yeah, I know our lingo is pretentious. No, you’re NOT the first person who’s informed me of this. Small, medium, and large are the same as Tall, Grande, and Venti in my book. You don’t speak Starbuckian, you say? Doesn’t matter — English is my first language.

I came across this gem on YouTube. Enjoy:


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Someone’s Smiling Down on Me

So I had my follow up conversation with my manager today about my temporary case of Tourettes on Sunday. He’s decided to write me up on a lesser offense based on my previous track record with the store. (<— Maybe I should stop referring to him as the Nazi.) Here's to my one and only get out of jail free card!

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Well Whattaya Know?

I’ve won an award! Many thanks to The Restaurant Manager for bestowing upon me the ‘LOL Award’.

Now ordinarily I’m not a big fan of anything resembling chain mail, but this cheered me up the other day 😉 Not to mention it seems like a really neat way to get the word out about some of the blogs I’ve been following. So here are the rules of the LOL Award:

Rule #1: Link to the person who gave you this award (in a post, or in your sidebar, wherever you have this): See above.

Rule # 2: Pass the award along to seven other people who post about at least slightly amusing things and tell them (by emailing them or commenting on a post, etc.):

1. Fuck My Table
2. Do You Do That at Home?
3. The Bitchy Waiter
4. The Restaurant Manager (Now you have four!;-)
5. Gratuity Not Included
6. Red Lobster Blog
7. 147xxxx (New comments have been disabled for this blog, seeing as it hasn’t been active for quite awhile, but there are plenty of good Starbucks related stories to read!)

Rule # 3: Say seven things about yourself that no one knows (or at least you think no one knows).

1. I am addicted to Medical dramas. You name it, I watch it: Grey’s, House, ER, Nurse Jackie, and Private Practice.
2. I love going out to try new foods by myself. Today I went out to lunch and I ate a delicious Vietnamese sandwich with liver pate, cilantro, BBQ pork, and cucumbers on french bread, yum ❤
3. My favorite part of my work is steaming the milk. I am obssesed with perfect foam!
4. I have one kidney! No, it wasn’t surgically removed, I was just born that way.
5. I read. ALOT. When I was a kid I used to get in trouble for reading past my bed time.
6. I eat my banana bread with cream cheese. Don’t dis it ’til you’ve tried it!
7. The first thing I plan to do when I finish school is to travel throughout Europe.

Rule # 4: Pass these rules on.

And there you have it!


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Today I Lost My Cool

So this morning was great up until I had to deal with one of the rudest customers I have ever dealt with. What happened still doesn’t justify what I did. I did what we all want to do on occasion, but what we should never do. I called a customer an asshole.

As some of you may already know, there is an iPhone application that allows you to load your registered Starbucks’ card information to it, so that the card can be scanned from your mobile phone. You would think that because of this new app, corporate would incorporate training to teach us how to navigate the application to make the process easier for both us, and for customers. Unfortunately this hasn’t happened, and myself and my fellow baristas were unprepared when people came in with questions about the new app. I did my best to try to help customers, I even searched through the application briefly, on a customer’s phone. Yesterday the application didn’t work when I scanned the bar-code, however I was able to enter the card’s numbers to ring customers up.

It was fairly slow when a well-dressed man in his mid-thirties entered the store. He appeared somewhat agitated already, when he approached the counter. He rapid-fired his order — two quad espressos in Grande cups. Because it was slow, my shift-supervisor, who was on bar heard the order, and I didn’t have to write on the cups. He then asked me about the app. I told him that I didn’t know how to use the app, but that if he pulled up the card info, that I could enter the card’s numbers to make the purchase. He then asked me if the manager was present, and I said he wasn’t. Before I could say anything else, he cut me off and asked for the manager’s name, and my name. At this point I felt personally attacked. I give exceptional service, and I am always polite. I bite my tongue when people are rude to me, and I try to meet their needs.

He proceeded to berate me, telling me that it was unacceptable that I didn’t know how to use the app, all while giving me his visa. I clamped my mouth shut, ran the transaction through, and he continued. He said that there should be training here at the store to teach us to use the app, and asked for our store number. When I couldn’t keep my mouth shut any longer I said, “Well, you don’t have to be such an asshole about it.”

GRRR Arrg!

My blood was boiling, my face was hot, and I was close to tears. I was so upset I didn’t want to deal with him anymore, or anyone else. I couldn’t believe my word vomit. He said, “WHAT’S. THE. STORE. NUMBER.”

I asked A (my shift) to give him our store number. She was working with another customer behind Rude Guy, but gave him the store number and apologized to him before he left.

Just as he was leaving, more customers entered the store, and I had to put on a big smile and take their orders. I felt my voice shake, but I tried my best to hide it. After the rush died down I was sent on my ten minute break. I burst into tears the second I was safely in the backroom.


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Thirty-one Ounces of Caffeinated Awesomeness

Starbucks is going to be introducing a new sized cup in February, the Trenta. Because the Venti just isn’t big enough.


EDIT: The Trenta will only be introduced in California locations in February. It will be introduced everywhere else — stateside that is — in May.


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