Thirty-one Ounces of Caffeinated Awesomeness

Starbucks is going to be introducing a new sized cup in February, the Trenta. Because the Venti just isn’t big enough.


EDIT: The Trenta will only be introduced in California locations in February. It will be introduced everywhere else — stateside that is — in May.



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6 responses to “Thirty-one Ounces of Caffeinated Awesomeness

  1. Huh! I guess that will be nice for my late nights of studying!

    Late night studying and coffee really do go hand-in-hand. I know the Trenta will prove useful when I’m cramming for Chemistry this semester =P Thanks for commenting. I always love getting reader input.

  2. I heard about this on Conan! I thought he was joking until I Googled it. Welcome to contributing to America’s already bloated portions, Starbucks! Just kidding. I think it’s a brilliant marketing plan and it’s going to go insanely well. Just thinking about that many ounces of caffeine gives me a shot of awakeness right in the middle of my eyes. I’m a little surprised they aren’t launching it in more states. I’m sure it’d be popular in everywhere, even in February!

    This is the worst thing about reading blogs via blogs you follow already follow. You read great posts, want to comment on EVERYTHING (and end up sounding psychotic/stalkery) and then loose about an hour to digging throughout the blog.

    Haha! I totally know what you mean. Here I am avoiding homework and checking up on all my favorite blogs! What do they say? “Never do today, what you can put off until tomorrow!”

    • Hey! Just got your comment on my own blog. I’d be happy to e-mail you the recipe, I just need to know where to send it! 🙂

      Awesome! I will email you (it shows up in my dashboard when you comment)! 😉

  3. Because Americans need all those extra calories. (eyeroll)

    At the moment the Trenta is only for the iced coffees and teas, which unsweetened are only a few calories. Despite what corporate says though, I think if the Trenta is successful they will expand it’s use for other drinks as well — something I am not looking forward to.

  4. We’re in TX and have had it since the end of Feb. I’m addicted to the iced green teas and this is the answer to a prayer. :p

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