Today I Lost My Cool

So this morning was great up until I had to deal with one of the rudest customers I have ever dealt with. What happened still doesn’t justify what I did. I did what we all want to do on occasion, but what we should never do. I called a customer an asshole.

As some of you may already know, there is an iPhone application that allows you to load your registered Starbucks’ card information to it, so that the card can be scanned from your mobile phone. You would think that because of this new app, corporate would incorporate training to teach us how to navigate the application to make the process easier for both us, and for customers. Unfortunately this hasn’t happened, and myself and my fellow baristas were unprepared when people came in with questions about the new app. I did my best to try to help customers, I even searched through the application briefly, on a customer’s phone. Yesterday the application didn’t work when I scanned the bar-code, however I was able to enter the card’s numbers to ring customers up.

It was fairly slow when a well-dressed man in his mid-thirties entered the store. He appeared somewhat agitated already, when he approached the counter. He rapid-fired his order — two quad espressos in Grande cups. Because it was slow, my shift-supervisor, who was on bar heard the order, and I didn’t have to write on the cups. He then asked me about the app. I told him that I didn’t know how to use the app, but that if he pulled up the card info, that I could enter the card’s numbers to make the purchase. He then asked me if the manager was present, and I said he wasn’t. Before I could say anything else, he cut me off and asked for the manager’s name, and my name. At this point I felt personally attacked. I give exceptional service, and I am always polite. I bite my tongue when people are rude to me, and I try to meet their needs.

He proceeded to berate me, telling me that it was unacceptable that I didn’t know how to use the app, all while giving me his visa. I clamped my mouth shut, ran the transaction through, and he continued. He said that there should be training here at the store to teach us to use the app, and asked for our store number. When I couldn’t keep my mouth shut any longer I said, “Well, you don’t have to be such an asshole about it.”

GRRR Arrg!

My blood was boiling, my face was hot, and I was close to tears. I was so upset I didn’t want to deal with him anymore, or anyone else. I couldn’t believe my word vomit. He said, “WHAT’S. THE. STORE. NUMBER.”

I asked A (my shift) to give him our store number. She was working with another customer behind Rude Guy, but gave him the store number and apologized to him before he left.

Just as he was leaving, more customers entered the store, and I had to put on a big smile and take their orders. I felt my voice shake, but I tried my best to hide it. After the rush died down I was sent on my ten minute break. I burst into tears the second I was safely in the backroom.



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7 responses to “Today I Lost My Cool

  1. That sucks!! I’m sorry that happened to you. I hate people like that!!!

    You and me both. BTW, I noticed that you linked to my blog — thanks! You’re now in my blog roll too.;)

  2. I’m glad to see you back, but sorry to hear it’s because of a piece of slime like that guy.

    In all honesty, I can’t blame you for saying what you did. It’s not your decision if the store trains you on the app or not, and not everyone has their own iPhone to experiment with on their own time. What HE did was inexcusable and what YOU did was justified.

    Next time remember his name from his card and find creative ways to exact justice. 😉

    That’s exactly why I was so frustrated. I’m pretty sick of getting shit on for things that aren’t under my control. I mean, it’s a friggin’ corporation — like I have any say in their training policies. And I’m really liking that idea of yours. I’m thinking maybe a Craigslist post might do the trick.

  3. Hello there!! You just got an award, come check it out at my blog:

    Thx! 😉

  4. Fiona

    Hey, just found your blog!

    Sounds like this guy is a complete asshole and ur reaction was understandable. I’ve had a few customers over the years who have been quite similar, not sure if they go out looking to cause us misery or it just happens.

    Once some guy in a hotel bar I was working in asked for some drinks to be brought out to one of the many little lounges we had, asked him for his room number and he said oh not staying here. Hotel policy is for hotel guests only in lounges but the bar was for anyone, I said this to him but also I’m sure it’ll be fine I’ll bring them up to you. Brought drinks up went back to bar. A few mins. later he came in really aggressively told me I had bad attitude, was rude and unpleasant and I slammed the drinks down n stormed off. All untrue for a fact, I was totally gobsmacked and sorry he felt that way and that wasn’t my intention or actions. He asked me to write down my name and then said I am friends with the hotel manager.

    Soon as he left the bar I went to the kitchen shaking and burst into tears in fear of what would happen. Told my boss what had happened she said not to worry.

    2 years on and I’ll never forget how it made me feel , he probably didn’t give a fuck and I will never understand it. Has made me quite wary of customers.

    It’s funny how people who aren’t even paying for the services rendered have such a strong sense of entitlement. Like the Rude Guy I dealt with: He filled up his two iced triple espressos in Grande cups up with milk at the condiment bar, making himself an iced latte. I could have called him out on that, but I let him get away with it. Thanks for commenting! Hope to see you around!

  5. I’m sorry for that! I’ve had rude customers before at my former job, but all I ever do is make fun of them after they leave with customers. I -hate- when customers are rude! I had one customer who thought she was next, and someone went ahead of her and when I asked to help the next in line she said “I WAS NEXT!!” in this haughty rude/pissed off voice and I brushed it off, smiled and asked how I could help her. Thank god she had an order that was boxed up and ready to go!

    But she was bitchy the entire time I rung her up. As she left, she grabbed her bag angrily, looked at this poor innocent woman and said “ENJOY YOUR PIE, BITCH!!!!” I was shocked! And I had a moment with the other customers in line as we shared open-eyed looks. It was funny, until I saw the hurt look on the poor woman’s face! I felt so terrible for her!

    I found your blog through The Restaurant Managers Blog, and just had to say hi!

    I once had a similar situation where two customers approached the counter at the same time. The man was actually next in line and the woman came out of nowhere and immediate starting firing off her order at me. I told her that I was sorry, but that the gentleman behind her was next, and he politely told her that is was okay, I could help her first. Instead of being thankful that the guy let her go first she said snottily, “Well, good! ‘Cuz I’m in a hurry!”

    Anyway, thx for taking the time to comment. I hope to see you back! 😉

  6. DD

    Haha. That fool got SERVED!

    THIS is what I wanted to do:

  7. I hate entitled people. Not everyone is up to speed on technology and it’s not YOUR fault the company isn’t training you. You were much nicer than I would have been.

    Ditto. Entitled asses can suck my metaphorical left-nut.

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