Lame Post

Nothing noteworthy happened at work today, so I’ll leave you guys with another Foamy the Squirrel video. Lame — I know, but I really don’t have anything to complain about today.

EDIT: I’ve been quoting this a lot lately at work. Black coffee, you say? Here you go, black coffee — ‘with darkness’!



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4 responses to “Lame Post

  1. Hilarious! I literally did Laugh Out Loud. Almost woke the baby up.

    One question though: Am I an asshole for totally understanding where the geeked up squirrel customer is coming from on this one? I know I’m supposed to be on your side but FUCK giving out my personal info to every place I do business with. I truly feel for you if this is the required Starschmucks spiel. I’m getting a migraine just thinking about having to go through this with every transaction.

    Dignity and Respect
    Me, The JerBear

    The Starbucks’ ‘credit card’ that the video is referring to doesn’t exist anymore, so fortunately, I don’t have to give that spiel every time I interact with a customer. The Gold Card Rewards Program that we have now is something that customers can do online, but I’m still required to mention it in-store. Personally I hate having to mention it (and I can also identify with not wanting to hear about it), but what I hate more is when a customer jumps down my throat because I’m trying to do my job.

    • I would never jump down somebody’s throat for doing their job but I have definitely in a joking manner offered a urine sample or two. Especially loved the line ‘What’s your zip code? Zero, Zero, Zero, zerozero. I live in outer space’.

      Wish I’d written that.

  2. Just give me my F*&king Coffee!! Loved it!

  3. Just wanted to pop in and say happy valentine’s day! Hope your workday was filled with happy customers and cute valentine’s themed beverages! Or at least lots of tips!

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