You know you read too many serving blogs when……..

…. you dream you’re a waitress, and you’ve never been one. Last night I dreamt that Starbucks’ had opened an after-hours café-diner, and I was serving up food to some Starbucks’ regulars. One of my favorite customers was downright mean to me. How’s that for neuroticism?



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4 responses to “You know you read too many serving blogs when……..

  1. I’ve been having so many weird dreams with so many symbols that I’m “searching” for something or “feel like I’m finding myself” or “a new opportunity” it’s insane. Sadly, these dreams aren’t getting me any closer to getting a job!

    Good luck on the job hunt! 😉

  2. Duster

    From a random dream dictionary:

    To dream that you are a waiter or waitress, indicates that you are too busy catering to the needs and demands of others, instead of your own. You feel that you are under appreciated as you wait on others hand and foot. You need to be more assertive and stand up for yourself. Consider the quality of service that you are giving for additional significance.

    I believe it.

  3. When you dream about serving up and down stairs, you’ll be in my personal hell.

  4. This wasn’t a dream but I thought you would like to hear about it. I got to work the other night a little earlier than I was needed so somehow I got volunteered to make a Starbucks run for my coworkers. They ordered five drinks and barely gave me enough money to leave a five dollar tip (which was a little more than 20% but still only a dollar per beverage). When I got back just about all of them balked that I had left such an big tip and several claimed that they didn’t know baristas were SUPPOSED to be tipped.

    Rest assured, they got educated.

    Dignity and Respect
    Me, The JerBear

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